CHAD Theatrical 



          I would like to introduce myself to you.  My name is Anita Davis and I am the owner of the “CHAD Theatrical Shop”.  I began this business with one small shop in 1982.  We are a Dancewear and Costume rental business, which we are now expanding to include a Halloween retail store in the same location.

          I have been a dancer since the age of two and am still dancing with the “St. Louis Strutters.”  I formerly studied ballet with a Prima Ballerina, Bernice Holmes, of Chicago, Illinois, who also taught me the fundamentals of properly fitting toe and ballet shoes.  This is the method I have taught my employees. 

          Our costume shop is also expanding.  There are over 15,000 costumes from which to select.  We supply churches, schools, luncheons, conventions, ad displays, and many more for stage plays.  Our plays are numerous such as “Wizard of OZ,” “Music Man,” “Sound of Music,” “ Mr. Roberts,” “Biblical,” and many more.  Our selections include Medieval and every era from Byzantine, to 1890’s to 50’s to now.

           I am always available to sit down in our new “Play Room,” to discuss or advise to fill your every need for your program or play.  I made costumes and directed plays in college (N.E. State) one being “South Pacific.”  I feel I can give you professional help.  I am a member of the National Costumer's Association and continue to follow the newest fads in costuming.

Please come see and tour our facilities.

Thank you    

Anita Davis